2019 Student Scholarship & CSCMP Annual Conference Sponsorship

CSCMP KC-Heartland Roundtable
2019 Scholarship & Annual Conference Sponsorship for Students in Supply Chain and Logistics Management


Selected recipients receive an opportunity for a $2,000.00 scholarship and/or a fully-paid registration and travel to attend the Global Conference.

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) leads the supply chain management (SCM) profession by developing, advancing, and disseminating knowledge on SCM. CSCMP is the preeminent worldwide professional association for SCM. CSCMP exists to: provide opportunities for SCM professionals to connect in order to develop and improve their SCM management skills; identify and conduct research that adds to the knowledge base of SCM theory and practice; and create awareness of the significance of SCM to businesses and to the economy.  CSCMP has an active student outreach program aimed at developing and supporting the careers of emerging SCM professionals.

The KC – Heartland Roundtable is the CSCMP regional organization offering two $2,000 scholarships to be awarded to the most qualified applicants currently enrolled in an area college or university with a majoring or minor in supply chain management, operations, logistics, or related educational programs. Completed applications should be e-mailed to rwoody2@ku.edu and myungkyo@ksu.edu as an attachment by no later than April 13, 2019.

In addition to the two $2,000 scholarships, the KC- Heartland Roundtable sends each scholarship winner to the CSCMP Annual Global conference (CSCMP KC-Heartland Roundtable pays conference registration and travel costs related to participation in this Conference).  Scholarship winners attend the conference and participate as members of the CSCMP Future Leaders Program for the conference with approximately 80 students selected from other Roundtables around the world.  This is a very unique opportunity to learn about SCM from over 3,000 professionals who attend the conference, to network with both professionals and students, and to gain insight and knowledge of SCM and the profession from the many educational sessions at the conference.  Learn more about this year’s CSCMP Annual Global Conference at www.cscmp.org.

Each year the KC-Heartland Roundtable also provides funding to send additional students to the Conference, and for 2019 we have the option to send additional students through the Future Leaders Program.  By applying for this scholarship, you are placed in consideration for the unique opportunity of attending the CSCMP Annual Global Conference as described above.  Available funding will determine the number of student conference registrations and travel costs covered by the Roundtable.

Applicants must major or minor in supply chain management, logistics or a related area, such as, but not limited to, management, marketing, operations management, industrial engineering, economic geography, military science. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher is preferred. This scholarship is open to students with at least one additional year of study who are taking at least 6 credit hours per semester. This includes sophomores, juniors or seniors accepted to graduate studies or first year master’s students. At the discretion of the KC-Heartland Roundtable Scholarship committee, a senior graduating in December of 2019 may be selected as a scholarship winner and receive a reduced scholarship amount.  Membership and participation in professional organizations related to supply chain management or logistics is preferred, especially student membership in CSCMP.  Work experience, including internships in supply chain management or logistics, is also preferred.

Please include the following information in the subject line for the application e-mail:

  • Applicant name,
  • application date,
  • college or university.

In addition, please make sure that all of the information requested below is covered in your application e-mail:

  • Current resume as a WORD.doc or PDF file
  • List of the dates of attendance at professional organization meetings (list date & organization for each),
  • Scanned copy of your transcript. An unofficial transcript will be required for all scholarship recipients prior to receipt of the award.
  • Provide a 1 to 2 page letter to the CSCMP KC-Heartland Scholarship committee stating why you are interested in supply chain management or logistics, what supply chain or logistics career you plan to be engaged with as you graduate, and indicate your interest and availability to attend the CSCMP Global EDGE Conference.

Additionally, one letter of reference is required from professors or instructors.  In the letter of reference should provide the following details:

(1) How long has the instructor known the student and under what circumstances?

(2) What is the student’s background & interest in supply chain management and logistics?

(3) What is the overall performance of the student in the professor’s opinion in school and extra-curriculum activities?

(4) Any other information that could assist the selection process

Questions should be emailed to Myung Kyo (M.K.) Kim at myungkyo@ksu.edu or call 785-532-5762; or Roger W. Woody at rwoody2@ku.edu or call 913-530-2991.

Are you a graduating senior or a Young Professional? Click here for the YP conference sponsorship details. 

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